Thursday, April 19, 2018

Day 248 - Changing the World with Earth Haven

This is what it looks like to change the world with the Earth Haven pilot project for sustainable living. It is not glamorous, there is no fanfare. It is dirty and it is hard work, literally moving the earth as we move rocks and soil. Quietly working day by day as we build from the ground up.
I am satisfied with my work here today - I have raked half of the gravel and my body is feeling it!

The project I am currently working on is the creation of an enclosed fruit tree forest. It is enclosed to protect it from being ravished by nature without using harmful chemicals.

We already have two more forests which are outdoors and available to all animals and insects. We planted those first because the animals and insects are in greater need, due to the destruction of their habitat and food-sources caused by farming for human consumption only.
We are in the process of rehabilitating this land to invite Life back into it, creating a space to show what the Living Environment can do when it is supported instead of exploited.
Today's work involved raking hundreds of pounds of gravel into piles to be removed and later replaced by the 'Back to Eden' planting method which we have already tested out elsewhere. Afterwards, fruit trees will be planted and maintained and, in addition to our other two forests, should provide more than enough fruit for the many people that will come to work, live, learn and grow.

Our current location is South Africa, where we are surrounded by informal settlements inhabited by people that cannot afford the basics, such as fresh fruit and a balanced diet. We intend to provide much more than that, and we are already on our way.

It feels really good to get out and be physical, especially knowing that what I am doing will assist and support so many people to come, and people that we will reach out to where they live.

After having worked in an office for years, I am loving the transition from staplers and file folders to steel rakes and wheelbarrows! I even took my first selfie with a rake, and got a blister on my hands from hours of raking, enjoying every moment of experiencing the feeling of the tools on my skin without gloves.

If you would like to co-create this project with us, visit

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