Sunday, February 4, 2018

Daily Osho Card Reading: TRAVELING - Day 16 of 21

“The tiny figure moving on the path through this beautiful landscape is not concerned about the goal. He or she knows that the journey is the goal, the pilgrimage itself is the sacred place. Each step on the path is important in itself. When this card appears in a reading, it indicates a time of movement and change. It may be a physical movement from one place to the next, or an inner movement from one way of being to another. But whatever the case, this card promises that the going will be easy and will bring a sense of adventure and growth; there is no need to struggle or plan too much. The Traveling card also reminds us to accept and embrace the new, just as when we travel to another country with a different culture and environment than the one we are accustomed to. This attitude of openness and acceptance invites new friends and experiences into our lives.”

The question I asked myself when pulling this card was: “How can I better define the process I am walking, through pain, intense emotion, and migraines?”

The support I derive from the card is a shift in focus: from concentrating on ‘stopping the migraines’, for example, to focusing more on the process I am walking to get there.
I have been doing daily writing and getting serious about looking at and changing my programed automatic behaviour. The prominent point has been about how I go about working, not specifically at a job, but an task, responsibility or obligation. It feels as though I have been going waaay to easy on myself, but that is because I had defined the above words within and as a ‘struggle’, ‘toil’ and ‘laborious’, instead of seeing that yes, there are challenges, but there is also fun, enjoyment and a state of ‘relaxed’ that I can bring into the mix. 

I felt as though if I wasn’t struggling, I wasn’t working. I did find that I do like a constant challenge, but what I needed to do was to change the way I face those challenges. Because with the way I have been operating, I was creating bigger resistances, losing the fun and enjoyment that is possible, and creating pain and discomfort in my body.
So, with this card, I can see that I can rather focus on the process, finding the points and correcting them in a more balanced way, giving myself the time to really integrate that correction instead of focusing on the end goal, continuously asking myself: “is it working?”. Because I can see that if I focus too much on a desired outcome, I will miss the process, the traveling and the journey, and that is really important stuff. Rather focus on the process, and take note of the results that do come, in order to see if they are what’s best.

Note: I am walking a process of self-change using the tools of support offered by I am taking the course called DIP Pro. In this course I learn how to take every day moments and find ways to make myself a better, more understanding and well rounded human being, the kind of human being I would like to see in this world. "Be the change you want to see" is a cool saying, but actually doing it is a bit more confusing because people tend to believe that you can't change human nature. I believe you can, because I have seen myself changing to someone I've always wanted to be. Not there yet, but my motivation is fueled by the proof I have given to myself, which I have documented online every sep of the way, in my blogs and on youtube. DIP Pro requires serious dedication and commitment, it is ot for the faint of heart. If you want to test the waters for yourself, try the Lite version, it's called DIP Lite, and the best part is, it's free! Why? Because Desteni puts individual self-change above profit. Why does DIP Pro cost money? Because it costs money to exist in this world, and takes a dedicated team to run the program. Otherwise it would also be free.


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