Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 139- Assertiveness and Steadfastness as Breath (pt 3)

I wasn’t completely satisfied with the new definition I had ascribed to Assertiveness in my last post Here. I am re-defining the word so that I could practically apply it in my life and world, without judgment, thus breathing life into the word through my living application and birthing it as a living word within and as me.
I had been
thinking about this, but then it really became clear as I was listening to the interview with the cat, wherein, the cat describes how sometimes, in order to be equal and one within assertiveness within a group, one has to ‘lower’ oneself as a bringing oneself down to the level of the weakest or least understood being, in order to understand and communicate with them in an ‘equal and one’ way. This would be to not expect more of them, or for them to ‘rise up’ to your level, if you happen to be more advanced in some way or area. It’s to bring oneself down, humbly, in order to understand the entirety of the being, where they are coming from, why they are that way. To Actually HEAR them, and Listen when they speak. That is what I would want for me, and I certainly have been in situations where others were superior to me in some way and I was NOT treated as an equal. I’ve been in situations where another was superior to me and used that superiority to make me feel less important, less heard, less understood, whether intentionally or unintentionally, as if I didn’t count as much as the more advanced ones. School is very much like this as well. Where slower students are not given the time and dedication they would need to catch up, or to figure out what exactly is the problem.
So, in my previous definition, I had included the word ‘high-ness’, and I found, before I heard the cat interview, that there was too much explaining and defining of other words and conditions. It should be very simplistic, but it wasn’t, and it didn’t ‘flow’. Usually when I re-define words it flows and it comes more easily, whereas ‘assertiveness’ was actually quite a struggle to re-define yesterday.
Once I heard the cat interview I knew it was just ‘off’. It’s cool because, as I was thinking about it before I heard the interview, I realized that I shouldn’t be working with the word ‘assertiveness’, but rather, with ‘assertive’, from which I derived: “A CERTainTy I haVE”, which is cool because the cat emphasized certainty within assertiveness (much like the certainty in a cat’s movement when they are assertive about wanting touch/affection/attention, or food/treats).
Therefore, my new definition of ‘Assertive” is:
I certainty I have, which I build and enhance, through applying the principles of equality and oneness as what’s best for all in my living actions, wherein that certainty would naturally emerge, first as a presence, and then into my living application, as I clarify and stabilize my stand as
Who I AM in my Life and World.
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