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Day 173- OCD: The Fear of Being Ugly (pt 5)
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Day 169- Dermatillomania: The Fear of Being Ugly

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Continuing from my previous self-forgiveness statements, scripting out here my self-corrections and self-commitments to stop the patterns I live that do not support myself nor anything or anyone else, and change them to patterns of elf-support that can be lived daily, in every breath:

These self-commitments and self-corrections are derived from the self-forgiveness statements from Day 169- Dermatillomania: The Fear of Being Ugly, which I would highly suggest reading for context and for its own merit.

When and as I see that I am striving to be beautiful, contorting and manipulating myself in order to obtain what I perceive as a higher standard of beauty, I stop, and I breathe. I bring myself back to self-support by checking myself, if it is my posture, I take a moment to relax and find a position that is physically comfortable. If it is my clothes, I ensure that I am simply dressed appropriately, in clothes that are practical for the situation, comfortable, and physically supportive, if it is hair or face/body, I focus instead on breathing, and on Who I Am within what I’m doing, instead of ‘how I look’ within that which I am busy with. I remind myself to breathe into myself as substance, as I substantiate myself as Life Here.

I commit myself to remain vigilant about bringing myself back from thoughts about appearance and into actual actions, words, presence and awareness.

I commit myself to push myself as diligence, assertiveness and steadfastness, to replace feeding my energy body as my perceived perception of how I appear, with breathing myself back into my physical body, feeling myself in my body, as my body.

When and as I see that I am seeking to feel better about myself based on appearance/how I appear, or that I feel worse about myself based on appearance/how I appear, I stop, and I breathe. I bring myself back to self-honesty by reminding myself that I am no greater and no less than exactly Who I Am at any given moment, and the Who that I Am is only ever the result of Who I have accepted and allowed myself to be, and Who I Am pushing myself to be and become.

I commit myself to take responsibility for my internal feeling/emotion body.

I commit myself to realize that so long as I attempt to manipulate and change my internal experience based on my external environment, that always mean my starting point is equall and one to that of being/feeling ‘less-than’ myself as self-honesty.

I commit myself to brutal self-honesty about exactly Who and How I am, and where I’m at, until I simply Am, Here.

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