Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 85- Commiting to the Tools, the Group, the Principles and the Change

This is a continuation from Day 80- Desteni Character: Fear, wherein I am making self-commitment statements in order to stop limiting myself to a cast of characters based in fear, continuing with the Desteni character.
I commit myself to stand within my decision to participate within Desteni, and to breathe through the thoughts, feelings and emotions stemming from fears in relation to Desteni and the controversy it may bring.

I see, realize and understand that any real change is going to be fraught with resistance, and that the brutal self-honesty demanded by the principles of oneness and equality are going to bring up both the best and the worst in people, the worst which, if not directed and forgiven, may be projected towards myself or others involved within Desteni.

I commit myself to remain the same yesterday, today and tomorrow despite the turbulence that might exist around me.

I commit myself to stop avoiding controversy, and to instead stand as Who I Am no matter what.

I commit myself to continue applying self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application in order to see points in my life through from beginning to end, to continue proving to myself the effectiveness of taking self-responsibility, and thus being a living example of the tools and their effectiveness.

I commit myself to let go of the desire to ‘prove’ myself to anyone but myself, by living real change, because that which is real does not need to be proven.

I commit myself to stop provjecting into the future of the possible harm that may come to those enacting change within themselves and the world, because:

I see, realize and understand that if I accept and allow fear to stop me, then I accept and allow it to stop others, and within this ‘stopping’ I will not be an agent of change and I will not be able to stand as one vote, which is all I have the power to do. I choose to be one vote for world equality.

I commit myself to stand stable within my decision to be one vote, and to support others willing to do the same.

I commit myself to stand as self-honesty within my relationships by standing equal to them, and to never place the value of the relationship above myself and others.

I commit myself to free myself by taking self-responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become.

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