Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 186- OCD: Vicious Cycles to Practical Solutions 2

I forgive myself for  not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize and understand that  the strength I feel  that comes in cycles is not necessarily something I actually directed myself to, but rather simply the upside of a cycle within which I would have experienced the down  side of the ‘low’ just before, with the rise being mostly only an inevitability for one that has not given up completely, thus making the disorder at times bearable enough to not have to really face changing or stopping for real.  ( Day 184- OCD: The False Victories)

When and as I see myself going into a positive energetic self-relationship as a result of the polarity opposite of having experienced a down or low, I stop, and I breathe. I bring myself back to self-stability by breathing through and letting go of the experience, and settling into my physical body by adjusting myself to ensure I am supporting myself physically. I breathe until the reaction is gone, and move myself from the point of no reaction, only myself moving based on sound decision.

 I commit myself to pull myself down out of highs as self-support to prevent the consequence of the inevitable low that is the polarity opposite of the high, a polarity within which I cannot participate with/as the experience of one without the other, thus creating and perpetuating a vicious cycle of OCD.

I commit myself to remain self-honest when and as I see that I am having experiences within my process with CD, so as not to fool myself that any progress is going to come on its own. Self-growth, self-stability, the building of resolve, the strengthening of self-will, self-discipline, self-mastery, and all and every quality I strive for, will only ever be developed as a result of my direct and focused participation. None of these things work themselves out or simply ‘occur’ as a matter of chance or mere intention. If I feel strength, I will know right away whether that strength is who I am as a living word because I will be aware of exactly how I became that. If there is uncertainty regarding how the experience came about, then I know it can’t be trusted and will always be questionable.

I commit myself to face changing and stopping for real.

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