Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 53- All I Exist as is a cast of Characters

It’s cool because this realization that all we all are and have ever been is a cast of characters playing out the script we have written for ourselves in our own Hollywood movie where we are the star has really strung together a lot of self-forgiveness I have already realized within myself. It answers questions like, why do we act/react one way in one environment surrounded by certain specific people, and then another way in another environment? Why do we fear doing something for the first time? Because we have no memories to script ourselves with in order to know which character to be. Why do we fear to call others out on their bullshit? Because they might turn around and call us out on ours, because in reality, each is only wearing the mask of the character that they are in that moment, and each validates, accepts and allows all others to keep their characters in an unspoken agreement that we all participate in. And these characters seem so real that we actually become them as we believe them to be who we are.

When I look at this baby I know, I see that she does not have any characters- she is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I look at a 3 year old that I’m close to, and I see her designing her characters- based on the reactions and feedback she receives from those around her- what behaviour gets her attention, which actions give her approval, what makes her feel good, where can she exert control, etc… And then I look at a 5 year old who I’ve watched grow up, and I see already formed characters where the same pattern repeats itself every time- to the point where the parents/family learn how to cope with his characters and end up manipulating the environment to avoid the troublesome ones and encourage the good/likeable ones, the ones that make US feel good too. Within observing these children, I can see how I created my cast of characters over time. The fact that we don’t remember scripting/designing/creating the characters we play can give the impression that they weren’t scripted, designed or created at all- but are rather who we really are- however- it is apparent that they are in fact nothing but characters and acting and thus- not real. If each one of us were to stand up as who we really are as Life, we for sure would not put up with all the bullshit we do today- from ourselves and from others.

So, the only thing to do now is to call out all the characters, pull them out and expose them in order to be able to forgive them and let them go so that we can find out what is behind them. What human potential has been limited and suppressed for so long due to the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves through playing mere characters and role instead of living, breathing and expressing us as who we really are- one and equal to everything and all that is here. From here on out, my journey to Life will involve calling out the characters I have designed and played out for myself, because they are limited and limiting and I will not accept or allow myself to exist as anything less than who I am.
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