Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cleaning Up Shit and Undeniable Self-Responsiblity: micro-blog from Desteni Universe

After getting to bed waaaay too late, I was awoken at 5AM by a dog at my door. I opened it up to find a vast expanse of the living room floor covered in dog pee and diarrhea, about four or five distinct and large droppings, and then a plethora of small squirts and spurts splayed throughout to give a nice, balanced spread, like a work of art.

I turned around and went back to bed.

Backchat: "It's waaaay too early for this", "I definitely can't clean this up, I will vomit!", "someone else that has more time will get up and do it", "I did not CHOOSE this!".
...and on and on went my mind as I tossed and turned and could not avoid the undeniable position of responsibility I was in. So finally, I got up.

Attempt to avoid #1: Placing paper towels over all the poos and pees and going back to bed.
...backchat... tossing and turning...

Attempt #2: Wiping it all up all the poos and pees and heading back towards my room.
....undeniable responsibility stops me at the door.

Seeing it through: Finally, I had to live my understanding and realization of what it means to live self-responsibility, what it means to live self-movement, and what it means to move self despite resistances, backchat, justification and excuses, even and ESPECIALLY in the small, seemingly insignificant moments of Life.

So I went outside, found the mop, filled the bucket with soapy water and mopped the floor. Done.

The moral of the story?

Get up, get your ass out of bed and stand up at the beginning of each day, no matter what the day throws at you, even if it is, quite literally, really shitty (and not planned, not what you asked for, not something you created, or simply not pleasant).

In the daily moments, we learn, we practice, we develop. This is where and how we create self-will, bit by bit, moment by moment, practicing in the small, like a muscle, accumulation, and then ready and able if and when the big blows do come.

Standing up means moving self despite the mind-made reality, standing up from within excuses, avoidance, fear, justification and the rest of the figurative shit we create for ourselves to wade through in our own minds. Reality is tough enough as it is, why add to it unnecessarily?

 Wake up, BREATHE, be HERE, MOVE, and do what must be done.

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