Monday, August 12, 2019

Sweet Surrender and the War Within/the War Without: micro blog from Desteni Universe



To stop resisting.
To stop trying to control.
To stop fighting.

To end a way of being, doing and behaving that is holding one in place, hostage, prisoner in an eternal hell as the inner-conflict we exist as.

To end the struggle for power.
To end greed as selfish desire.

Surrendering will mean confronting your worst fears, facing points of ego and in that, facing the death of self.

Transcending not physical death, but death on a mind level, the proverbial 'end' of who one thought oneself to be, what one had defined as 'life', what one had valued most and given everything to.

Walking into the great unknown in complete vulnerability with no protection and defense, no armour, so to speak. And then to realize we have only ever been attacking ourselves, at war with ourselves/within ourselves and in that, realizing we have and have had the power to stop since the very beginning.

To me, surrendering has nothing to do with a 'giving up' as a 'quitting', but rather a giving up as a letting go.

In war, the side that surrenders is seen as the ones that have lost the battle, when in fact they are the ones that ended the war.

Looking from the without to the within:

World War II was a 'clean' war in that it had a clearly defined objective, two identifiable sides, with a distinct start and end. The war on terror however, is a 'messy' war, in that the sides are not clearly defined, nor is the objective, and there is not even a mutually agreed upon definition of 'terrorism' in the international community.

This leads to an endless, confusing conflict, where fear and survival, greed and power become a state-of-being for entire populations, with no end nor solution in sight.

This emphasizes the importance of defining words, of understanding, and of a clear objective and starting point, and that is the first step that we each must take to end the wars we hold within ourselves, otherwise we exist in an endless inner-conflict, where fear, survival, greed as self-interest and power-struggles become permanent states-of-being that we can tend to accept and not question, as it becomes so normal that we see no other way. If you don't even realize you are at war, how will you realize you need to end it through surrendering?

Defining my inner war:

Right now, me as my mind is at war with me as my body and me as my beingness. And being the stronger force, is the part of me that has the responsibility to surrender, to step down and to, from that point of equality, strengthen the weaker, less-developped parts.

The objective is to end the conflict within, to integrate mind, body and beingness as one and equal, to work together to realize the utmost potential of all three working together as One, so that that One can then work to end the war without, to assist and support the world without to integrate as One and Equal, and to work as One to bring about a better world for All as One.

The start is Here, a decision made Here and Now, and then re-made in every moment as every breath. The end is when conflict no longer exists, where there is evidence and consistent proof that We as Humanity have created a world that is Best for All, and have proven that we can be trusted to do so eternally.

The starting point is Self.

I start with me, my within and my without. To end the inner-conflict where parts of me are fighting for power, for resources, for greed as self-interest. To take those parts, understand them, and walk them through to a point of surrender.

Sure-ender, the letting go, the releasing, the out-breath, the end, making way for a new beginning.

My process from Here will be to take this 'big picture' perspective, and break it down into its smallest parts which can be seen in daily, moment to moment living. The small, often overlooked actions and participation which may seem 'innocent' and inconsequential, but when lived out over time, accumulate to inner and outer wars on every scale.

Recommended recording of the Reptilians speaking through the Interdimensional Portal:

World War YOU - Reptilians - Part 304 

"What within the global consciousness and its relationship to this physical existence and physical matter contributed to the escalation of wars in human civilization?
What within your mind-body relationship can lead to your body responding with such force to its relationship with your mind that it sets off mini wars within you?
What is the nature of these mini wars within you and why does your body respond to your mind in this way?"

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