Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Reuniting With Ghost: micro-blog

And then this moment: 


8 days apart, traveling half way across the world, unsure if everything was going to work out, if he would make it into the country or be sent back, if he would be physically okay, alive, traumatized? 

And then this moment... How do I greet a being that supported me through some of my toughest times, that made me feel safe in scary situations, that I knew would have given his life to protect me during unrest in South Africa, that sat with me through week-long migraine attacks, that is THIS cute?

My response: an unconditional hug, a holding, an embracing, soothing, calming, and simply being there.

Ghost was pretty frantic, stressed, out-of-sorts when I met him at the airport in panama city. I had waited for him for 10 hours, driving around the city running errands with a friend, very hectic traffic, insane drivers, very very hot.

All was well at the beginning of the (what was supposed to be) hour long drive to Coronado where Ghost and I were staying, but the car engine God's had other plans.
We stopped for gas and the car died, completely flat, not even a click or a beep upon turning the key. Dead.

We worked well into the night diagnosing the problem, pushing the car to safety (can't jump a car at a gas station due to gas fumes and potential sparks, very dangerous), different cars jumping, different cables, lots of phone calls and random people showing up to lend a hand.

I focused on Ghost. Remained calm for Ghost, remained stable for Ghost.... but was it really all for Ghost? lol! And that's how he supports me to also be there for me, remain stable for me, keep calm for me.

Finally we made it home, and he was out like a light. Me too, shortly after. I listened to his sleeping grunts and yelps, and felt for the first time in a long time that things were as they should be.

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