Tuesday, August 13, 2019

On Money and Value: micro-blog from Desteni universe


I've moved into Joe's old room in the Main House on the farm now that all the people I once lived with are in Panama.

Ghost seems to love these floor to ceiling windows we now have, as he can keep up to date with the outside world from his favourite spot on the bed!

I took this picture from my spot in front of the computer during a work shift. I have been working an online job pretty much full-time, saving up to get Ghost and I to Panama, and this situation got me thinking about money and value.

I caught myself a few times looking at the cost of bringing Ghost to Panama, and trying to fit him into some kind of value system, not realizing that I had, over my lifetime, developed a money-based value system where I will ask myself 'is it worth it', or 'is it worth the money', where 'the money' was holding the intrinsic value, and the thing I am paying for has to prove it is worth it.

I would become stressed, with 'lack' and 'survival' creeping into my thoughts when I looked at it this way, with the thought of 'losing' or spending that money, even going so far as to look at Ghost and consider if he brings that amount of value to my life! I quickly caught myself, seeing that this line of thinking is what contributes to the way the world is today, where 'value' either becomes the amount of self-interest one can derive from a particular thing, and then translating that value into dollars and cents, or money itself having an intrinsic value, when it is in fact small pieces of paper that we have elevated to 'god-hood'.

So I shifted my perspective to 'this is what I have decided to do', with the money now taking a different position, more like a secondary place as the tool or the facilitator I must use to see my decision through and accomplish my goal. Ghost came into my life, and that wasn't exactly my decision, but I did decide to take responsibility for him, and in weighing all the options, decided that it would be best for him to come with us to Panama.

In this, the decision and goal becomes the Main point of value, where it's no longer about 'losing' money, but about 'gaining' or obtaining/accomplishing the goal. When I looked at it this way, I felt as though I had become 'richer' in a way - the situation becomes one of benefit rather than loss.

This realization had me reflecting back on all the times I didn't do a thing, or thought something to be 'too expensive,' and in this thinking have compromised myself and my life so many times because of the value I had placed primarily on money and self-interest (as feelings and emotions), instead of placing that value on Self and Life creation.

I cannot place a value or dollar amount on Ghost, he simply 'is', Here, existing. So my decision remains whether it is feasible or not based on market prices, and the time and energy I am willing to put in to work for the money - looking only at whether I can practically afford it or not.

Now I will include this into my understanding of money, how I work with money, and how I live the word 'money' in my life, where it becomes the means to an end rather than an end in and of itself.

I have for too long deprived myself of important, essential things, and spent too much on fueling energy, programming and self-interest because of and due to this twisted system of value I wasn't even completely aware of. Now that I see it more clearly, it's time to stop and sort it out so that I can move forward spending money on things of ACTUAL value that will contribute to support, growth and development, within reason, practicality and common sense.

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