Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Trusting Life in the Face of Uncertainty: micro-blog from Desteni Universe

Today I supported myself by listening to most of the recordings relating to 'uncertainty' by the reptilians, because that is where I saw it was most difficult for me to stand as the living word that I am currently practicing, which is TRUST: Self-Trust/Trust in Life/Trusting Process.

When things are uncertain, I tend to want to move myself towards certainty, knowing, security and so my pre-programming becomes very tempting. I could also relate to the explanation of the 'doubt chamber', and had actually already located that area in my body as the 'problem' area, feeling that "something is there", but not knowing what.

The recording provided practical applications for how to live self-trust in these moments, where instead of seeking validation/invalidation from outside self from a starting point of self-doubt, you can instead use self-validation simply by aligning your starting point when making a decision or walking into something new (breeding grounds for uncertainty).

Aligning your starting point to SELF changes everything and leaves no room for self-doubt, except for as a reference of where you might have missed a dimension that simply needs to be further investigated.

Trusting Life and Self as Life also come in, and all in all the recordings give one the blueprints for how to live many dimensions of Trust, empowering one not to fall to the mind/pre-programming in the face of uncertainty.


Path of the Initiate - Reptilians - Part 380

"What is the difference between taking the initiative and being influenced to make a specific decision? How is your change still being initiated by consequences in your life?
Why are you not taking the initiative to change yourself?
What influences the path you will walk during the day?
Why are you walking this path without a map?"

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