Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 47- Wasting Time Cause Life is Hard (Self-Corrective Statements)

Continued from the self-forgiveness statements from yesterday's blog.
When and as I see that I am doing something that is idle, not directive and ‘wasting time,’ I stop, and I breathe. I look at the situation to see and determine what it is I am avoiding or resistant towards, and I DO THAT THING. I breathe and I move myself to do whatever it is I am avoiding, to start it, complete it, or make progress on it, anything to not give into the mind, and anything to make the stand that I AM the directive principle of me.

I commit myself to walk through the patterns of avoidance and resistance that I have lived as me over time, until self-movement becomes who I am.

I commit myself to walking out of the mind and into the physical where I move me within and as breath.

When and as I see that I am participating in something within the definition that it is ‘work’, wherein I am ‘going through the motions’ in order to get it over with so that I can ‘live,’ I stop, and I breathe. I bring myself back into awareness as Life, by reminding myself that I am Life in every moment, and that Life is not the experience of being ‘done work and finally able to live,’ but rather a movement as rhythmic as breath as I give myself the breath of life each time I take a breath of the physical substance that is Here.

I commit myself to Live in every moment, whether at work or at play, wherein I commit to walking toward being and becoming a self-honest,self-directive, self-corrective being that Lives as all as one as equal Here.

I commit myself to breathe through the monotony of work within the understanding that any energetic experience is of the mind and can be breathed through, forgiven, corrected. transcended and let go, until I move me as easily as I breathe.

When and as I see that I am trying to ‘get out of work,’ or ‘avoid ‘hard’ work,’ I stop and I breathe. I bring myself back into awareness by directing myself to do exactly that which I am avoiding and getting out of, in order that I may apply myself to walk through the resistances I manifest within and as me towards those things, events, activities and or tasks that I defined over time as ‘work’ and ‘hard’ and ‘not Life’ (in order to prove to myself that the definitions I have lived thus far are of the mind, and the emotional energetic experiences and resistances I feel towards them are not real, but onlyself-created iner energetic experiences).

I commit myself to know myself and see/realize/understand when, why and how I create these energetic experiences within and as me which cause me to avoid and run from things, so that I may see them for what they are and walk through them till they no longer affect me.

I commit myself show myself that energy always ends, and to discover what is beyond that.

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