Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 119- Equality as a Student

Over the last series of blogs I have been correcting my habits and behaviour as a student, in order to change my behaviours into constructive ones that will build myself as a self from which to stand and direct myself as Who and How I would like to be. This blog is continued from this series.

I am handling this issue by looking at the type of character I become when it comes to schoolwork. If I am participating within an activity that I like, that I’m interested in or that I have chosen to do, I have a much easier time getting into it and doing the work. I definitely still have focus and distractibility issues because these are not skills I had spent any time on developing throughout my life. Isn’t it funny that we rarely asses who we are, how we are, how we would like to instead be, and the practical steps it would require over time to become that? However, I’m not sure that such tools existed to effectively de-program the habits and patterns we consist of as personalities, in order to make such fundamental changes.

The Desteni tools do just that, and what makes them unique is that they take into consideration each individual’s part in the whole. It’s interesting because it is literally a deconstruction process in which one will have a critical look at one’s self/self-interest/ego, and then systematically dismantle it. What’s interesting about this is that many of the egoic behaviours we all participate in, are actually quite destructive to ourselves and the world around us. On a global level, each individual acting in self-interest has accumulated to create the world we see today. A good example of this is the stock market, where there is apparently an ‘invisible hand’ at work, however, upon common-sense investigating it is obvious that the invisible hand is simply the combined scramble for gains in self-interest of each participant.

Another interesting outflow of deconstructing one’s own ego, and replacing the ‘I’ with the ‘We’ when it comes to ones actions, words and thought, is that beyond the ego there is an actual oneness and equality that is already Here. The equality is apparent in the physical world, that we all have the same requirements to survive; we all literally come from the dust of the same earth, breathe the same air and drink the same water. But the oneness is not so apparent The oneness that we all are is like a living organism, in that we NEED to work together, in consideration of each other, to make a world and world system that works. The world and world systems we have today are obviously absolutely unacceptable, but we’re all too scared to change and to give instead of take, trapped within our separated egos where self-interest reigns supreme.

With the Desteni tools, one is able to see beyond one’s self as ego/self-interest only, and the fears therein, to one’s basic humanity, oneness and equality with all that’s Here. In that, one will understand the necessity to give as one would like to receive. All Life on earth actively gives and participates in a system of equality, it is time we as humanity do the same.

However, I have spent the past thirty years creating myself as a multitude of personalities and a literal cast of characters as coping mechanisms and survival techniques as I have grown up In this system learning that I have to compete for my survival, and that my personal comfort and happiness should be my ultimate goals. So far, this way of thinking and living has done very little for me as a human being and in terms of that which I contribute to the whole. Life is not about attaining experiences, but rather about giving and creating a self and a world that we would be honoured to leave for the generations to come. The sheer potential of humanity has been crushed in this world, where we have diminished our global population to haves and have-nots, competing, fearing, surviving and feverishly pursuing greed, lust, and power. It’s time for this to end, and for us to realize that there is more to Life, and that Life itself has not yet been lived by human beings, because, I think the majority of the world’s population would agree with me when I say: This is no Life, currently: this is no way to live.

But, we can only move one breath at a time, one point at a time, one character at a time. The character I have been working on is the ‘getting out of work’ character. I have already worked through the thought, fear, and imagination dimensions, which has thus far been a fascinating process as I have exposed to myself all the ways in which I had literally sabotaged myself as a student. Previously, I had come to the conclusion that I was just not capable of being an effective student, however, throughout this process, it has become clear to me that this is not so, I had only in fact required to change some key behaviours, which I am continuing to expose within this blog, as only myself as an ego can consider me to be less than what I’m capable of, less than the schoolwork, and less-than self-movement.

My goal is to stop diminishing and limiting myself with judgments, ideas, perceptions and beliefs, but to instead stand equal and one to myself. This way, I am the one that decides, not my mood, not my motivation , nor my self-judgments or beliefs. I decide to stand one and equal to myself, so that I can stand one and equal to all that’s here. But, first things first, and I am untangling the bad habits and patterns within the character I play as a student that constantly made excuses to ‘get out of the work’, in order that I may understand exactly how I had created myself over these past 15 years in the education system, so that I can re-created myself as something new, something that I decided in awareness, and something that will be able to stand no matter what, because this kind of self-equality is what will be required if I want to continue to walk with the group that is dedicated to bring about world equality, beginning with economic change.

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