Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 122- I Am No Match For ME

This blog is part of a series of blogs (listed at the end) within which I am untangling the patterns and habits I had created and manifested within and as myself that cause me to have problems at school, studying and taking responsibility for myself in these ways. It’s interesting because although these blogs stemmed from the issues I experience while studying, they truly branch out, reveal and expose general habits and patterns that play out in many other areas, including touching on global problems. In this way it is demonstrated how the macro (global systems) indeed exists within the micro (the individual), and the without reflects the within.
In my last blog post I was dealing with frustration. I described how waves of frustration will pass over me, and I summed up the elements of this experience as:
Lack of discipline which causes frustration caused by lack of self-movement due to helplessness in the face of my own defiance.
I made an analogy of ‘my own defiance’ feelinglike being confrontedby a defiant childand feeling helpless because one cannot ‘force’ a child to do anything if the child so chooses to set its mind upon being defiant. I related that the inability to do anything about that situation was due to potential consequences. What I was referring to was situation where adults become so frustrated with the child that they will use physical force/violence, or violent words/reaction such as getting angryand yelling- both approaches would normally have negative impacts on both adult and child, which were the negative consequences I was talking about in my last blog.

Bringing it back to self:

When I am defiant within and towards myself it is due to the fact that I am experiencing something that I fear giving up. When I am doing my studies, it requires focus and concentration. This has been quite a challenge for me, causing great frustration. So what do I fear giving up? And because behind every fear there is self-interest, as self is protecting self, what it the self-interest within/as this fear?

Fear of losing: Escape, the ability to ‘relax’ (which really means laziness), the
control of my mind to pursue likes and avoid dislikes.

The self-interest inherent within all these things is giving up my time, as in “’my’ time”: The time that I take just for ‘me’ to do whatever ‘I’ want. But really, this is not true: it’s not what I want. What I (as the directive principle of me) want is to do my studies, to push myself to do the best I am able, to be able to direct myself to do something without losing an internal battle. So what is this ‘I’ that wants only to be lazy, to pursue ‘likes’ and avoid ‘dislikes’ according to some system of judgment about what is ‘likeable’ and what is ‘unlikeable’- a system of judgment of ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ that actually diminishes me in so many ways, least of all is my grades- and a system of judgment that I have no recollection of creating, yet one that rules my life in so many ways? It is me. But it is not myself as life; it is myself as a very programmable mind which I have been programming in unawareness my whole life. Within and during this unawareness, my mind has run rampant with creating and directing me, to the point where I do not even really recognize myself.

It’s interesting because when I’m really honest with myself, I can see that the perception I have of myself is different than who I really am. This is obvious as I take at look back at my day every night, consider all the things I had set out to do (intention), and then seeing the things I had actually done. But who I Am does not exist within intention, who I really am as living actions is something different from my intentions. The actions that I actually live out are what are relevant, because that is the living expression of me and my participation in this world, as it is for all of us. THAT is what counts. So it’s quite a wakeup call when I see that my living expression/participation in this world is not even under my own control, as I set out to do things that I don’t end up doing, or I end up doing less well than I am able, thus putting up with a sub-standard version of myself. THAT is unacceptable.

I react to this in frustration, but that is only yet another way to just let it keep happening. Because within that frustration exists statements like “this is just impossible,” “I can’t do this,” and “I give up” etc... thus really just making myself miserable because I’m accepting and allowing myself to continue by just giving up on myself, and not taking my power back nor directing myself within self-discipline.
I will continue with self-forgiveness within my next blog, by taking apart each paragraph to reveal what is still hidden within the words, so that I can correct myself in writing, and live that correction into my actions.
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